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Through the power of people and technology, we help our clients achieve results much faster and with higher impact on performance to quickly identify and adapt to strategically important trends and business innovation. In order to strengthen our position as a trusted technology partner to our clients, PremiTek has also assembled a Technical Advisory Board comprising world-renowned leaders in information technology from the private, public and academic spheres..

  • NABD Customer Service SupportA next generation cloud based and on premise customer service support and case management system across traditional and social channels. NABD is closing the loop with customers and enhancing customer experience management.
    Streamline and automate complaints handling process by utilizing individual workflows for differing Organizations. With powerful routing engine, collaborative communication and correspondences templates, NABD guides your front and back office agents through the successful resolution path in the shortest timeframe and presents to your agents the next best action. It is a generic customer service support solution for all industries and it can be adapted to industry-specific needs.
  • NABD Complaint Management SystemCloud based complaint management with advanced workflow management engine that would enable government and non government organizations to strengthen relationships with its citizens and customers by providing end-to-end view of customer complaints, issues, concerns and queries. Streamline and automate complaints handling process by utilizing individual workflows for differing Organizations
    It is a generic complaint management solution for all industries and It can be adapted to industry-specific needs Capture and resolution of complaints can be extended beyond the Customer Service department to all channels: Call Center, IVR, Internet, email, face-to-face, SMS, mobile Self-service portal for complainants and external entities to manage and track complaints online.
  • PremiFINis an enterprise re-engineering solution that uses new business computing paradigms to integrate IT processes across your company's division and departments". A significant part of our services portfolio is our Customized and Web Based ERP solutions. The solution that we chalk out for your organization will be developed keeping in mind the entire exclusivity of your business. PremiTek business process experts will evaluate the smallest of details and thoroughly assess each option that they draw for your organization. In order to facilitate ease of use and tight integration with the systems currently being used by your organization. We develop solutions using the latest web technology and based on IT industry standards. We also deploy resources on integrated teams that work with our clients to undertake complex enterprise transformation efforts